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Kudos to Sun

January 23, 2007

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. I’m very, very impressed. Sun is profitable again.

In case you don’t get it, this is a much much bigger deal than the partnership with Intel they announced yesterday.

I’ve been worried about Sun for years, and for the last year in particular I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that Jonathan Schwartz has an incredibly tough job ahead of him. He’s been talking the talk for awhile now, saying all of the right things, but actually turning a large corporation and getting them going in another direction takes an awful lot more than talk. It sure looks like he’s doing it.

But it wouldn’t be fair to heap all the praise on his shoulders alone. Sun employees could easily not get on board with the new direction, making his job impossible. Obviously, that hasn’t happened and everyone must be on-board and embracing change. So kudos to the entire company – this is quite an accomplishment and a rarity in Silicon Valley. Just look at all the server and workstation company corpses around… SGI, anyone?

Keep it up, Sun!

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