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Web 2.0 Summit: Jeff Bezos

November 8, 2006

Jeff Bezos just gave a great presentation and had an interesting chat with Tim O’Reilly here at the Web 2.0 Summit. I’ve written about Amazon’s web services a few times, including the BusinessWeek cover story this week.

In case you don’t want to read the long-winded version, here’s a summary of what I think is really going on here:

  • Amazon Web Services isn’t some strange deviation from Amazon’s core business. Instead, it’s an evolution of their business that makes a lot of sense. They’ve learned to scale datacenters well, and companies like ours don’t want to have to learn those same lessons, so we can build on Amazon. Amazon makes money, we save time (which is money) and get to focus on our application, and everyone wins.
  • Google gets a lot of press for building a “WebOS” as they release web-based replacements for desktop applications. But they’re really focused on client-side desktop replacements, whereas Amazon is really focusing on backend, server-side recplacements. It’s less glamorous to the average consumer, but far more glamorous to anyone who needs those services to build their company.

I’m not sure everyone grasps how truly huge this is. I suppose that’s good, since we do and it gives us an edge.

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