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Come see Batman on IMAX with SmugMug!

July 17, 2008 27 comments
Batman: The Dark Knight

Apparently it’s the best superhero movie ever made, and must be seen on IMAX. And you’re invited! We’re taking our company, family, customers and friends to Batman: The Dark Knight in IMAX! If you read my blog, that means you’re a friend – and eligible for a free ticket out of our block!

WHERE: Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium 21 & IMAX, 5000 Dublin Blvd., Dublin, CA 94568
WHEN: 12:50pm on Friday, July 18th. Look for people in red SmugMug hats. 🙂

If you’d like a ticket, post in the comments, email me, Tweet me, something – I’ll reply to confirm we have enough tickets for you. If you want to bring your SO, friend(s), or family, let us know – we’ll try to accomodate as best we can.

Please arrive by 12:20pm so we can get you your ticket in time. We’ll give away any that aren’t there by the time all the SmugMuggers take their seats.

SmugShot for iPhone – Shoot, geotag, and upload.

July 10, 2008 24 comments

Man, to say I’m excited about this would be a major understatement. We’re huge Apple fanboys over here, so when we got accepted to the first wave of SDK developers at Apple, we were stoked. Shizam went to town almost immediately and after a few months of hard work, SmugShot was born. (And as I’m writing this, we’re #1 in “What’s Hot” on both iTunes and the iPhone interface!)

So what is it? Well, we knew early on we wanted something very simple and elegant that did only one thing – but did it extremely well. We didn’t want a kitchen-sink photo-sharing / -browsing / -taking application. We already have a fantastic iPhone application on Safari, so the obvious thing to tackle first was actually taking the photos on your iPhone and getting them up to SmugMug.


SmugShot makes it incredibly simple to simply whip your phone out at a moment’s notice and take as many snapshots as you’d like. The photos will be automagically geotagged with your location, should you wish it, and you can quickly and easily enter a caption and some keywords – or not. Your call. We’ll queue them up and send them along to the SmugMug gallery of your choice – over EDGE, WiFi, or 3G.

And that’s basically it. Simple, elegant, clean – just the way we like it. If you’re new to SmugMug, you can create a free trial account right from SmugShot. You can set up a default Caption and some default Keywords to make entering them a breeze. And you can even upload photos that are already in your Photo Library, rather than from your camera (and you iPod Touch users can do this, too). One big Apple bug with that, though – the SDK only give us access to 640×480 versions of photos in your Library. I’m hoping they’ll fix that soon.


The really wild thing is how much I actually use the app. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to things like cameras and lenses, and lets face it – the iPhone’s lens can’t compare to some fabulous Canon glass. But as the app has spread throughout the office, everyone’s learned the same lesson I have: There’s an awful lot of value in convenience.

SmugShot is so shockingly convenient and easy to use, it trumps the limited image quality for almost all of my normal everyday shots.

So go grab it from iTunes, read more about it, or even get some answers. Definitely let us know if you like it and what we can improve on – we already have our own list but would love to hear yours!

Available on the iPhone App Store
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