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Work on Drizzle full-time at Rackspace Mosso!

April 27, 2009 9 comments

This is really cool. Rackspace is hiring people to work on Drizzle full-time for their cloud product, Mosso. Adrian Otto writes the Drizzle mailing list:

I was speaking with Eric Day at the developer conference, and I mentioned that Rackspace is wiling to employ full time developers for the specific purpose of furthering the Drizzle project’s mission. He suggested that I email you on this list becuase he expected there would be interest in this offer. If you work on the project now part time, and want to make it a full time job working exclusively on the Drizzle project, let me know. The Rackspcae Cloud believes in open source, and we want to do our part to make Drizzle a wild success.

I’m super-excited about Drizzle and think this is fabulous for the community at large. I’m not alone – Mark Callaghan and Jeremy Zawodny like the idea too.

So if this sounds like your thing, go do it!

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