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My latest addiction – Twitter

March 5, 2007

I met Evan Williams a few months ago at Web 2.0 Expo and told him I thought he’d done a brave and awesome thing by buying back his company, Obvious, and taking control of the direction it was heading.

Today, I finally bit the bullet and tried out his latest product, Twitter, and I’m afraid to say that I may be hooked. So if a SmugMug feature is delayed, you can blame Evan.

The crazy thing is that Twitter seems sorta useless and meaningless when you first glance at it. I know I did, since I checked it out on the day it was announced. I didn’t even bother signing up, I’m afraid.

But Scoble’s been preaching the Twitter gospel a lot lately, so I took the plunge today. It’s a blast. It’s sorta like IRC-to-the-world or something, and it’s clearly going to waste a lot of my time. But oh well – it’s fun. 🙂

Oh, and you’ll likely get sneak peaks of what I’m working on there, too. So if you wanna peek, better stop in.

Cya there – here’s my profile.

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