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Amen, brother.

January 17, 2007

Billionaire Mark Cuban is preaching to my choir with his anti-suit rant.

I’ve only ever owned a single suit, and I only ever wear it to weddings and funerals. Suits are certainly not required or encouraged around SmugMug and never will be.

I’d love to know why so many people think they must wear them. They’re uncomfortable, expensive, difficult to keep clean, bad at temperature regulation, etc etc. Useless, basically.

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  1. January 21, 2007 at 4:04 pm

    Way back when I first started in the corporate world, in the NorthEast of the USA, in 1978, a suit, suit jacket or blazer, with a “dress” shirt and tie were absolutes in any business situation. Heck, even my high school required shirt and tie in all seasons, and a sport jacket or blazer in the winter. In 1982, I moved to a company in Denver, CO, USA and discovered that out west, things were much more casual: a “dress” shirt with the top button open was OK every day. A bolo or string tie would suffice with a sport jacket, for meetings with customers, even with Air Force Generals and Navy Admirals. Things were much the same when I moved to California in 1984.

    In 1985, I opened my first consultancy, with UC Berkeley Space Science Lab being one of my first customers. Berkenstocks, shorts and T’s were required, or none of those astrophysicists would talk to me. 😀

    I’ve read articles saying that, since the bubble burst, business dress had retro’d back to formal styles of suits and ties. I haven’t seen it though. The uniform still seems to be corporate logo shirt of any style, slacks or jeans, and whatever suits your fancy. 😉 And my experience shows this to be true even with customers in the NorthEast and MidWest, as well as out here on the Coast.

    So where is this reversion to business suits happening?

    Most people feel comfortable “fitting in”. I think I’ll stick with my horn button, knee high, buffalo skin, renaissance boots and pig skin suede beret.

  2. February 4, 2007 at 5:20 pm

    If your suit is uncomfortable, you need to stop shopping at cheap department stores and get something that actually fits. Mr. Cuban is a slob and the only reason people don’t care is that he is also a billionaire.

    Blue jeans bind. A nice light weight wool slack doesn’t, breaths better, and the lining feels nice. They also last a lot longer and do not require as frequent cleaning to continue to look good.

    Go to Nordstroms on a Tuesday afternoon and try on different ranges of suits and slacks. While you may not want to buy the $2000 suit, when you wear it you will feel amazing.

    Seriously. Good clothing is a pleasure. Treat yourself: you’re not in college anymore.


  3. February 5, 2007 at 11:32 am


    My one and only suit is an expensive one from Nordstrom, actually. 🙂

    And it is very comfortable if you’re just referring to the hand and drape and such – but mentally, it’s very uncomfortable. I have 1-year-old twins, and they’re not neat, as you can imagine. If I’m in my suit, I just can’t be comfortable around them.

    Oh, and my blue jeans don’t bind. They’re soft, supple, and almost as comfy as an old pair of sweats. Plus, my kids can do anything they want to them. 🙂


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