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Apple does the right thing – but no SDK? :(

September 6, 2007 10 comments

Apple made a brilliant move today that’ll earn them lots of happy customers as well as lots of free press coverage. Everyone wins.

However, I’m with Scoble: Take my $1400 credit back, Apple, and instead release an SDK. SmugMug’s iPhone interface is totally awesome – about as good as it can possibly get in-browser. With an SDK, though, I promise – we’ll make the best mobile photo sharing app the world has ever seen. And guess what? It’ll help you sell even more phones.

So how about it?

Free idea for anyone who’s got a little time on their hands: Set up a site where those of us with rebates can “pledge” our $100 credits towards an SDK instead. Who knows? Maybe something will come of it with enough pledges.

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More SmugMug on iPhone

July 27, 2007 Comments off

SmugMug on iPhone

When I’m not busy screaming at my iPhone because it’s hard to sync with my LOST episodes, I’m busy rolling out new SmugMug features specifically for iPhone with the help of GreenJimmy and BigWebGuy. Here ya go:

  • Global SmugMug interface now. You can search & browse through the entire SmugMug site using iPhone, not just individual homepages.
  • Added search to both the global and user interfaces.
  • Added Friends & Family links so you can easily browse through your social network and that of your friends and their friends and….
  • Added a Keywords browsing interface. I’m not really happy with it, so I think we’ll keep playing, but traditional keyword clouds don’t work well with finger tips on this small of a screen, so we’ll have to get creative. Ideas in the comments, please?
  • Spiffy UI improvements to make things look nicer and feel faster.
  • Fixed a rotation bug where the images wouldn’t properly re-render.

Enjoy. I know I am. 🙂

Stupid iPhone!@#$

July 27, 2007 7 comments

Ok, love my iPhone, but that just means that when it lets me down, I’m even more upset. Passion’s funny that way. Here we go:

  1. Bought a season pass to LOST on iTunes Music Store so I can catch up.
  2. Loving watching it on my AppleTV in my home theater.
  3. Want to sync episodes to my iPhone to watch on-the-go. I’ve watched up to episode 16.
  4. Selected “All unwatched” and hit Sync.
  5. “Not enough space” error. Fair enough, it’s only 8GB.
  6. Selected “3 most recent unwatched” and hit Sync.
  7. Ended up with Episodes 24, 23, and 22!
  8. Realized “Most recent” is useless because what you really want is “Next in line by episode #”
  9. Realized that there’s absolutely no way to get episodes 16, 17, and 18 onto my iPhone short of manually editing playlists, which gets really tedious.
  10. Blogged about it, because it’s the only way I can vent.

Basically, you can’t watch TV on the thing. Because you can’t drag shows to it (like you can with an iPod), you can’t sync them (because it sync’s them in wrong order), and it doesn’t have enough storage to “Sync All”. Even Smart Playlists don’t work, because you can’t have a formula that orders by episode #.

Isn’t this stuff supposed to *slurping noise* Just Work?

Has anyone smarter than I thought of a solution? Please share!

UPDATE: The magic Smart Playlist recipe to make this behave, thanks to reader Nick T, is as follows:

  • Show is ‘LOST’
  • Play Count is ‘0’
  • Limit to 3 items selected by album

Still not great, but much improved. Thanks Nick!

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iPhone features? What would you like?

July 23, 2007 7 comments

Last week we released some great updates to our iPhone interface, and today I’m sitting at Apple in the iPhone Tech Talk workshop. So if you’ve got any feature requests, now’s a great time to leave a comment – there’s a good chance I’ll ship it today. 🙂

Here’s what we released on Thursday:

  • A link from your homepage to iPhone if you’re browsing on your phone.
  • A link on your iPhone back to ‘Full Homepage’ so you can go back to regular SmugMug
  • A cookie so if you’ve visited your iPhone interface, it remembers that you’d like to browse that way. Don’t want it anymore? It clears itself if you hit ‘Full Homepage’ on your phone.
  • Browsing your most popular photos.
  • Browsing through your photos by date. Full timeline supported.
  • A green & black interface to get more similar to SmugMug’s traditional color scheme.

Anyway, leave a comment if you want me to build something for you 🙂

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