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Delta Airlines has terrible customer service

May 12, 2008 42 comments

My poor little sister just got totally destroyed by awful Delta employees. She was trying to fly cross-country for the first time with her 4 month old baby. Disaster ensued, and Delta totally blew the customer service. Money quote?

“I asked [the supervisor] if she cared that I had been treated poorly by Delta employees, and she said if I wanted someone to care, I should write to “corporate” and they were required by law to respond to me in 30 days or less.”

My sister doesn’t fly as often as I do, clearly, or she would have known how terrible flying has gotten these days. She would have done online check-in, and would have arrived earlier. She made some mistakes, and seemed willing to accept the consequences. But that’s no excuse for downright rude customer service. Would an “I’m sorry” or a smile have been so hard? Shame on Delta.

Anne, for the record, flying with Virgin America has been an absolute dream, particularly when paired with Clear. (Want a free month with Clear? Use code SCA04501). I wish both were everywhere – maybe someday. In the meantime, avoid Delta like the plague.

UPDATE: I should have known Consumerist would have lots of stories like this. Enjoy!

Seattle/Redmond dinner update

April 7, 2008 5 comments

Sitting in the Virgin America part of the SFO International terminal.  Talk about an awesome terminal.  Can’t wait to fly Virgin, too – my first time (hah!).  I doubt anyone on the plane throws down in DOOM the way I do, so I expect a river of tears in the aisle.

Wish I could be at the Google Campfire tonight, cuz the news is awesome, but Microsoft got to me first, so up to the frigid North I go….  Hope this MS stuff is as good as it sounds.

It turns out the Seattle Photography Group is meeting on Wednesday night.  Cool!  So I’m going to that. You should come.  🙂

Then, afterwards, I’m hoping we’ll head out for some food.  If you want to get food afterwards, please leave a comment so we have at least a rough head count.  Attendance at the SPG isn’t mandatory, but I’m sure you’re welcome to come.

On Tuesday, I already have dinner plans, but wouldn’t mind hanging out with some geeks afterwards.  Doubt I’m up for going into Seattle, though, so if you’re in Redmond or Bellevue, holler.

(I’ll try to email everyone who sent emails, commented, and twittered – but if you haven’t heard from me, re-comment because I’m lame)

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